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Professional Patio Installers In Leeds

Patios Leeds, TJM Landscapes the best choice for your new Patios in Leeds. Please do have a look at our customer testimonials to get unbiased feedback on our services. Why be overcharged by the big Patio companies, when you can get great service and pay more affordable prices. Family businesses are built on excellent customer service as a result of professional workmanship, and again all at great prices.

So, what makes our prices cheaper than anyone elses? Firstly We don’t have the overheads of a shop, secondly since we’ve been laying patios for the past 10 years. Importantly we also get the best trade rates on Granite, Indian Stone, Concrete and everything in between. In conclusion this means we’re able to pass the resulting savings on to you.

patios leeds

Whether you need a new Indian Stone patio, Sandstone patios or a full design for your garden or a commercial contract for full surfacing project. If you’re a school or contractor, TJM Landscapes have been digging, landscaping and everything in between in Yorkshire since 2010.

Above all we pride ourselves in providing you with an excellent service, from initial advice on the most suitable materials.  Subsequently leading to a professionally finished paving project.

As a company we proud of our reputation for the quality of our patios, our customer service. Based on over 10 years of experience all at a competitive price.

Most aspects of Patio Fitting and hard Landscaping undertaken, such as:

  • Indian Stone Paving Stones
  • Block Paving
  • Natural Stone Paving Stones
  • Concrete Paving Stones
  • Porcelain Paving Stones
  • Limestone Paving Stones
  • Sandstone Paving Stones
  • Granite Paving Stones
  • Marble Paving Stones
patios leeds

Speed, Quality and Affordability are our Guidelines.

Our business offer the most competitive quotes in the Leeds area. Secondly we are extremely fast in responding to all of our customers. In addition to this, our emergency driveway repair service is an excellent option for when you suffer damage from weather. Each and every drive project we supply is durable. Entirely made using the very latest and most up to date techniques.

Remove any rubbish and any old materials.

Our extra service, removing all the rubble and your old materials. Always making sure to take care of your neighbours with our discrete service. Forever enjoying going that extra mile. Leaving your home in a neater and better condition than when we arrived.

Services are guaranteed, we are known for our friendliness and reliability.

We’ll make you feel at home from the first time you call. None of us believe in hard selling, and our engineers are warm and helpful. If you need a hedge removed, or anything else that may hinder your new driveway project, our team is highly trained. Everyone will be able to help you. In the unlikely event there is something you’re not happy with. One of our team will visit you at your convenience, to resolve any issues.

Fully Regulated Patios Leeds

Interdependently we work closely with our insurance to make sure all works adhere to the correct regulations. Above all this maintains the warranty cover provided by our insurance.


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Commonly Asked Questions

How much do new patios cost?

New patios vary in price due to the variety of materials you can pay £25m2 for bottom end surfacing materials such as concrete, rising all the way up to £75+ for your top level marble and granite.

How long do patios last?

If installed correctly you can expect your patio to last for 10 years or more in some cases dependant on the level of foot traffic it receives. However it does vary on the type of paving slab you use and the weed resistance but eventually mother nature always wins.

Do i have to pay for a new patio fitting every time?

Short answer yes but if the previous patio was installed correctly then there won't be as much work to do which will result in the price been significantly cheaper.

I did a paving calculator why was the price so much cheaper?

Paving calculators are designed for lead generation and give false prices as they don't take into account the variables of actually carrying out the project. We price our projects from over 40 combined years of knowledge.

How long until you can walk on a patio after having it installed?

We usually tell our clients to wait 24-48 hours until you can enjoy your new patio, however in winter and summer these times can vary as it is temperature dependant.

Can a patio be laid in the rain?

The short answer again is yes however rain can course real problems for patios as the cement can become to runny and fail to bond the paving slabs so it is best practise to put up a cover if you're laying in the rain and if the rain gets to much it's best to pack up and call it a day. The joy's of British weather.

What is the best type of paving slab?

Some of the best types of natural stone paving slabs are made from sandstone, granite, limestone, slate & marble. Natural stone is an amazing material for paths, patios and driveways. You can buy them in different colours, sizes & textures.

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